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Internship Description

LCFEG is seeking able bodied individuals to assist our restoration project managers in the implementation of salmon recovery projects in SWWA. This is a “hands-on” opportunity which will involve using a variety of tools and equipment to complete restoration objectives in local streams. Restoration activities will include fastening logs to the stream bed, fastening logjams, installing grade control structures,  vegetation management, fish rescue and establishing photo monitoring locations.


Work site locations are stream channels and banks which are typically slippery, wet and often difficult to navigate around. Interns who apply to this position must be physically fit and capable of lifting and carrying up to 50 lbs. for short distances. Interns must be willing to work in close proximity to corrections crews and follow appropriate protocols when interacting with the offenders. Interns will also work near heavy equipment and must follow all safety protocols established by LCFEG.  Interns must provide their own transportation to the worksites but will be compensated for mileage costs.




Interns will gain a solid understanding of the physical and biological factors that determine properly functioning stream habitats in SWWA. Academic disciplines that are applicable to our projects include environmental engineering, hydrology, geo-morphology, biology, salmon ecology and natural resource management. 


LCFEG staff and consultants will articulate how each discipline relates to our salmon recovery projects so that they gain a greater appreciation of the complex linkages between land, water and resource management.  


Please contact LCFEG at for more information.



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